Keuka Lake Wine Trail

Keuka lake is the perfect place for your wine tour holiday, whether your taste is dry or sweet, fruity or austere, their vintages are sure to please.

Meet the winemakers and taste their fabulous wines that are winning world-wide acclaim. The blend of history, diversity and hospitality will make your stay something to remember

The Keuka Lake region is home to the ultimate in history. It was here, in 1860, that the first bonded winery was established. Each winery has their own unique character, incredible wines and breathtaking views you will sure to enjoy

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Nine wineries call Keuka Lake home in the Finger Lakes. Wineries can be found along the banks of Keuka Lake. The Keuka Lake Wine Trail provides an easy, yet extremely scenic way to navigate your way around the lake.

Bully Hill Vineyards – Quality ingredients are at the very foundation of what makes Bully Hill Vineyards special. Opening at a time when it was commonplace for wineries to dilute their products with concentrate, water and other chemicals Walter S. Taylor had had enough of the deceptive practices of the time. Bully Hill Vineyards has been producing a number of quality wines ever since.

Dr. Konstantin Frank – Founded in 1962, Dr. Frank was a pioneer for grape growing and wine creation in the Finger Lakes. He developed the technique to grow European grapes in the cold climate of the Finger Lakes. Quickly earning a reputation for their Rieslings, Dr. Konstantin Frank has won international awards for several of their wines. These wines and more are available for tasting year-round.

Hunt Country Vineyards – The 170 acres Hunt Country Vineyards sits on has been home to the Hunt family for six generations. Hunt Country Vineyards grows 13 varieties of cold climate grapes and produces 20 rare and distinctive wines.

Heron Hill Winery – Located on a slate hill overlooking Keuka Lake, Heron Hill Winery prides itself on the six varieties of Riesling it produces. You can sample these wines and more in their tasting room that was named one of the 10 most spectacular tasting rooms in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Keuka Spring Vineyards – Producing a number of red and white wines, Keuka Spring Vineyards boasts one of the best selections of wines in the Finger Lakes. Located three miles south of Penn Yan, you can picnic or shop for regional gifts at the gift shop while you’re at Keuka Spring Vineyards.

Lime Berry Winery – Award winning winemaker, Joe Carroll, uses exclusively New York grapes to produce all of the wines available from Lime Berry Winery. A one room schoolhouse from the 1880’s serves as the tasting room and overlooks Keuka Lake.

McGregor Vineyard – McGregor Vineyard was one of the first to prove the more delicate vinifera grapes could be grown in the Finger Lakes region in spite of the cold winters. Since opening the vineyard in 1971 and their winery in 1980, McGregor Vineyard has produced a variety of wine but is best known for their Black Russian Red wine.

Pleasant Valley Wine Company – Holding the designation U.S. Bonded Winery No.1, the Pleasant Valley Wine Company produces a wide variety of white, red, sparkling and dessert wines. The Pleasant Valley Wine Company is also home of the famous Great Western Winery Visitors Center.

Rooster Hill Vineyards – After leaving their careers in Southern California, Amy and David Hoffman came to Keuka Lake to plant the Savina Estate Vineyard in 2002, yielding its first winemaking fruit in 2004. Amy and David have gone on to grow a number of other vineyards and produce high scoring wines.

Vineyard View Winery – Adam Foltz is a fifth generation grape grower but he didn’t find his passion of winemaking until he found himself in Texas, thanks to his service in the Air Force, where he met a couple who owned a small winery. Foltz started created a plan for his own winery in 2010, putting the plan to action soon after. Now, you can purchase a number of Vineyard View wines.

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