Breweries, Cideries & Distilleries

The finger lakes has a decorated history of award winning wines but other craft beverages are starting to make a splash and garner serious recognition. The Finger Lakes is now home to A number of craft breweries, cideries and distilleries.

distillary-smTake a look at what we’re brewing and come enjoy a glass or two. For a complete list of events in Finger Lakes region, please visit the event calendar and search by date, price, and location.

1911 Tasting Room at the Apple Hill Campus – Hard cider, gin, vodka and apple wines can be sampled in the 1911 Tasting Room. The 1911 Tasting Room is the culmination of the entire production process, going from tree to bottle under the care of 1911.

Birdland Brewing Company – Founder of Birdland Brewing, Dennis Edwards, has been brewing for his friends and family for over 20 years. Now that he has honed his craft he has opened the Birdland Brewing Company with his wife, Susan. Birdland Brewing has seven flagship craft beers and 12 others they run seasonally.

Black Button Distilling – Learning the value of hard work and putting your best product forward while working in his grandfather’s button factory, Jason Barrett puts the same effort into creating his vodka, gin, moonshine and bourbon. Black Button Distilling is the first grain-to-class distillery in Rochester, NY since prohibition.

CB Craft Brewers – Freshness is always a priority at CB Craft brewers, brewing their beers in the heart of their distribution network. In addition to distributing their beers they always have 26 beers on tap at the CB Craft Brewers facility allowing visitors a variety of craft beers to sample.

Cider Week Finger Lakes – A celebration of locally crafted hard ciders throughout the Finger Lakes, Cider Week is held at various locations throughout the region. This celebration of cider will feature tastings, cider maker dinners, orchard tours and more and different locations during the week.

Climbing Bines Craft Ale Co. – Climbing Bines Craft Ale Co. grows its own hops and sources all other ingredients for their craft beers locally. Climbing Bines is located on the west side of Seneca Lake.

Finger Lakes Distilling – It all started when Brian McKenzie and Thomas Earl McKenzie (no relation) met at a craft distiller’s conference in 2007. They decided to entertwine their perspective skillsets in the Finger Lakes to open

Finger Lakes Distilling. Since opening they have focused on using local ingredients and fine attention to detail to produce a spirited product of the highest possible quality.

Myer Farm Distillers – Using their own organically grown grains, Myer Farm Distillers produces a number of vodkas, whiskeys and gins. Brothers John and Joe Myer work together to produce award winning spirits on the bank of Cayuga Lake.

Nedloh Brewing – Nedloh Brewing honors the New York hop farmer from before prohibition, a time when New York produced almost 90 percent of the hops for the United States. Their 3,500 square foot brewery in East Bloomfield features a tasting room, retail shop and a museum dedicated to hop farming in New York.

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