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Willamette Valley Wine Comings and Goings

Willamette Valley wine – hot tips and comings and goings

Bees have a friend in Remy Wines

Remy Wines recently received a Native Wildflower Seed Grant from Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to protecting pollinators and their habitats. They hope their grants will enhance 26,000 acres of pollinator habitat by 2025.

This means that instead of seed money, Remy Wines is receiving seeds that have been determined to be beneficial to preserving honeybee populations. All species included in the seed mix are native to Oregon, and the package has been created specifically for the habitat at Remy Wines.

New wine dinner series at Ava Gene’s

Wine director Kirk Sutherland put together a great lineup of local wineries for Ava Gene’s fall dinner series. The lineup begins with newcomer Cho Wines and ends with beloved “old guard” Cameron Winery. The dinners take place in Fora, Ava Gene’s private dining space around the corner from the restaurant.

The cost is $150 plus a 20% gratuity for a four-course dinner with seasonal dishes prepared by co-executive chefs Amelia Kirk and Ross Effinger. There will be wine pairings with each course, and don’t be surprised if the participating winemakers make a few “special bottles” magically appear.

Each week’s menu will vary based on seasonal produce and the wine producer’s pairings. The dinners begin at 7 p.m., except for Cameron Winery, which has 5:30 and 8 p.m. seatings available. Reserve your seats via the restaurant’s website.

Hang out at harvest with Division Wine Co.

Want to see what making wine really looks like? Make a reservation for Division Wine Co.’s new Harvest Hangs program. This tour captures harvest action at The Yard, Division’s new winery facility in Southeast Portland.

After an opening toast with bubbles, guests will taste active ferments, and participate in harvest activities, like punchdowns. The tour will be followed by a tasting featuring two half-glasses of wines connected to that day’s winery activity.

The tours take place every Thursday through the end of October. The cost is $20 for groups of 1-10.

Clay Pigeon returns to its garagiste roots

Many winemakers start in their garage before moving on to a big, shiny winery. Michael Claypool is the first winemaker I’ve met that is doing it in reverse.

Until recently, Claypool made his Clay Pigeon wines at Adega Northwest in Southeast Portland. When that facility decided to relocate to Hillsboro, Claypool wanted to remain close to his Portland home. So starting this fall, he is making wine where it all started for him – his garage.
Wherever they are made, Clay Pigeon wines are well worth seeking out.

The return of the prodigal winemaker

In 2020, I couldn’t believe the news that Thomas Houseman was leaving Anne Amie Vineyards in Carlton to take the winemaking position at 2 Lads Winery in Traverse City, Michigan. Who does that? We lost Kaehler, but I’m thrilled to report that we got Houseman back.

Houseman is now the general manager at Radiant Sparkling Wine Co. in McMinnville. One of the valley’s most effervescent personalities now helps ensure that Oregon’s sparkling wines get even better.

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